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UAE business licenses.

As a business, you are responsible for making sure you have the necessary business licenses and permits to operate legally. Let us help you determine which licenses you will need and also obtain them.

UAE business licenses

Operate legally with the right business licenses in place.

Expert guidance

We assess your needs and provide tailored support throughout the entire licensing process, from start to finish.

Streamlined application

Our experts handle the application process, ensuring you get the right licenses quickly and avoid delays.

Ongoing compliance

We stay on top of regulatory changes and proactively manage your licenses, keeping your business compliant and minimising risk.

Business licenses & permits

Business licenses & permits you may need.

The government requires you to obtain a business license when you operate within a very specialised industry or an industry with a high level of liability. In the UAE, you will need one or more licenses if you operate in the following business categories:

  • Financial services license

    Companies looking to conduct Financial services activity out of the United Arab Emirates are required to obtain relevant financial services permission from the Dubai Financial Supervision Authority( DFSA) in the Dubai International Financial Centre, Financial Supervision Regulatory Authority (FSRA) in Abu Dhabi Global Market or the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) on the UAE Mainland, depending on the jurisdiction in UAE that they chose to operate in.

  • Industrial license

    This license is required for businesses involved in manufacturing activities, including production, processing, or assembly of goods. It allows companies to engage in industrial activities within the United Arab Emirates, including setting up factories and warehouses.

  • Commercial license

    Businesses engaged in buying, selling, or trading goods and services typically require a commercial license. This license enables companies to conduct retail, wholesale, import, export, or distribution activities within the UAE.

  • Crafts license

    Craftsmen and artisans who engage in traditional or artistic trades such as carpentry, pottery, weaving, and similar activities need a crafts license. It permits individuals or small businesses to operate in the United Arab Emirates while practising their craft.

  • Tourism license

    Companies operating in the tourism sector, such as travel agencies, tour operators, and hospitality businesses, must obtain a tourism license. This license allows them to offer services related to travel, accommodation, transportation, and tour packages within the UAE.

  • Agricultural license

    Businesses involved in agricultural activities, including farming, cultivation, livestock rearing, and related services, require an agricultural license. This license permits companies to operate within the UAE’s agricultural sector, which plays a crucial role in food production and sustainability.

  • Professional license

    Professionals offering specialised services such as legal, medical, engineering, consultancy, and accounting services need a professional license. This license authorises individuals or firms to provide professional services within the United Arab Emirates, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards in their respective fields.

Single fee per license
Business licenses & permits

Operate your legally with the right business licenses.

Determining the licenses you will need

We will conduct research and find out what licenses you will need to turn the lights on in your business.

Preparing and filing the application

Once we know the required licenses, we will help you prepare and file the application with the relevant government authorities.

License(s) acquired, you are ready for business

You receive your business license(s) and get back to work on your business. The processing time varies on the specific license type.

Ready to get started?

Let us guide you in making your company’s activities fully compliant, watertight and ready for business.

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