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Company registration in UAE.

Effortlessly establish your UAE company with our expert company registration services. We handle all legalities and paperwork for a seamless company setup and smooth administration.

UAE company registration services

Register your business in the United Arab Emirates with confidence.

Expert guidance

Our team will support you throughout the company registration process, providing full guidance and strategic advice at each step. 

Fast processing

Engage with our team throughout multiple offices around the world. Most of our services are offered in all offices and jurisdictions.

Transparent pricing

Get a quote and a clear picture of your costs before you start with our upfront and affordable pricing. No hidden fees around the corner.

Company formation options

Select the best structure for your UAE business.

We can reliably help you register a new company in the UAE, whether you are a multinational company expanding from overseas or a high net-worth individual. There are several structures you can choose. The most popular are:

Free zone company (FZC).

Ideal for businesses seeking complete foreign ownership and specific benefits.

  • Minimum 1 director (no local sponsor required)
  • Minimum share capital vary by free zone
  • Limited to activities permitted by specific zone
  • Subject to local compliance

Limited liability company (LLC).

Ideal for most local and foreign businesses seeking a local presence.

  • Minimum 2 shareholders (may require a local sponsor)
  • Minimum share capital amount varies by emirate
  • May require a local sponsor depending on the sector
  • Subject to local compliance

Branch of a foreign company.

Ideal for established overseas businesses wanting a representative office.

  • Local manager required
  • No specific capital requirements
  • Limited to marketing, research, and liaison activities and parent company activities
  • Subject to local compliance

Unsure about which structure is right for you?

Get a clear picture of starting your company in the UAE by scheduling a free 30-minute discovery call with us. We can advise you on anything from optimal business structure, capital investment, full foreign ownership options, shareholder requirements, and more.

Foreign business ownership

Own and control 100% of your company as a foreigner.

Foreigner entities can now own 100% of companies in the UAE mainland thanks to a 2021 law change, though some specific business activities may still require local participation. This new allowance applies to onshore companies, while free zones have always permitted full foreign ownership but with limitations on where they can operate.

Company registration process

Simple steps to setting up your new company in the UAE.

1. Choosing your business structure

Decide on the legal structure of your company, such as limited liability company (LLC) or a free zone company. If you are unsure about the best entity, our team can offer structuring advice.

2. Defining your business activity

Clearly identify the activities your company will undertake. Ensure they align with your chosen structure and comply with relevant regulations.

3. Selecting your company name

Check for name availability and ensure it adheres to the United Arab Emirates naming guidelines.

4. Obtaining initial approval

We will apply to the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the relevant free zone authority for initial business approval on your behalf.

5. Preparing legal documents

Depending on the structure, we will craft the required documents, such as a Memorandum of Association (MoA) or a Local Service Agent (LSA) agreement for LLCs and MoA for FZCs.

6. Securing a business space

Lease an office space and obtain a tenancy contract, often required for further approvals.

7. Obtaining a business license

Apply for the trade/business license specific to your business activities with the DED or free zone authority.

8. Registering with other authorities

Depending on your business, registration with the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Human Resources, and Federal Tax Authority may be necessary.

9. Opening a corporate bank account

Establish a bank account for your company to manage finances.
Complete business setup services

Everything you need to set up and manage your company in the UAE.

We provide a full suite of flexible UAE company formation and administration services, including incorporation, document filing with the appropriate authorities, registered office facilities, post-registration compliance and more.

Essential UAE incorporation services.

  • Company incorporation

    We handle all aspects, from reserving your company name to structuring it according to your needs. Our team assists in filling statutory forms, liaises with local authorities and lawyers for legal certificates, and prepares essential documents such as the Constitution (M&A).

  • Bank account opening

    We will assist in opening your corporate bank account.

  • Registered agent

    In some United Arab Emirates jurisdictions, a qualified resident agent must be appointed. In these cases the resident agent maintains certain information about the company.

  • Registered address (only for RAK IC)

    Provision of a registered office address to the company for one year. Registered office is the place where the company’s books must be maintained and often these books must be available for public inspection at the registered office. It is also the place where official and legal documents will be delivered.

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Additional administrative services.

We also provide one-off and ongoing services to keep your business compliant with all government requirements.

  • Business licenses

    We can help you obtain all necessary business licenses required by the government.

    Learn more

  • Corporate secretarial

    We can provide corporate secretarial services for your entity to ensure statutory compliance.

    Learn more

  • Accounting

    We can maintain the books of accounts of your company and liaise with the auditors.

    Learn more

  • Tax compliance

    Reduce your tax burden and keep track of your tax filings.

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  • Payroll

    We provide payroll outsourcing services for your UAE business.

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  • Visas

    We can secure visa for you and your team.

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Common questions & answers.

What are the different types of business registrations in the UAE?

The UAE offers three main structures for your business:

Mainland: Recently, the government passed legislations to allow 100% foreign ownership in most sectors ( excluding activities falling under the relevant activity list, which still requires ownership by UAE Nationals) You can conduct B2B and B2C business within UAE and internationally and comes with higher fees.

Free zone: This offers a faster and more streamlined setup, often with 100% foreign ownership and is an ideal choice when you are looking at conducting B2B business within UAE and internationally. However, it restricts your operation to the specific free zone and may have limitations on certain business activities.

Offshore: This is ideal for international trade and investment but doesn’t allow any onshore business activities in the UAE.

How do I choose the right registration type?

The optimal choice depends on your unique business objectives. Key considerations include the ownership structure (local or foreign), the nature of your business activity, the preferred operational location within the UAE, and the necessity for physical office space. For personalised guidance tailored to your needs, we advise reaching out to our consultants for a free discovery call to pinpoint the most suitable option for your venture.

What documents do I need for company registration in the UAE?

The necessary documentation differs based on the chosen registration type and emirate. Typically, it includes passports of shareholders and directors, a business plan, Memorandum of Association (MoA), Local Service Agent (LSA) agreement if applicable, and a lease agreement for mainland setups. Our team will provide detailed guidance on the specific requirements and aid in the collection of necessary documents.

How long does the UAE company registration process take?

The timeframe depends on the chosen registration type,  government approvals needed, and obtaining lease of office space within the free zone premises/UAE Mainland.  Upon submission of all required documents, Mainland registrations can be completed in around two weeks, while free zones may take two to three weeks.  We can help expedite the process and keep you informed every step of the way.

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