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UAE corporate secretarial services.

Stay compliant with our expert secretarial services. We help structure your company, maintain statutory records, and handle annual returns using, ensuring your business meets its obligations effortlessly each year.

UAE corporate secretarial services

Operate your business stress-free with dedicated corporate secretarial services.

Guidance at every step

Trust the years of our secretarial experience and let us support you and your business. We have successfully helped and guided a variety of business entities of various sizes, from startups to larger established companies.

Deadline reminders

We are proactively monitoring your compliance requirements and act or notify you in time. You never have to worry about late filings or overdue fees.

Your documents online

Our company secretary service is 100% online. You can sign all necessary paperwork electronically via DocuSign, and the company documents will be securely kept online where you can always view them.

Company secretarial services

Providing and acting as your company secretary.

A company secretary is responsible for handling ongoing statutory compliance matters and ensuring your company is compliant with all regulatory requirements in the UAE.

  • Provision of a corporate secretarial services

    This includes all mandatory annual procedures. As your named company secretary, we will:

    • Assist in corporate structuring
    • Establish and maintain statutory records
    • Enhance corporate governance and ensure international compliance
    • Issue share certificates or other ownership instruments
    • Prepare and file annual returns
    • Prepare and file licence applications
    • Prepare, file and pay licence fees
Single annual fee

Common questions & answers.

Is appointing a company secretary a mandatory requirement for a UAE company?

It is generally not mandatory to appoint a local company secretary for most entities. However the requirement of having a named company secretary varies from free zones to mainland entities depending on the nature and size of the business. It is important however to have a local resource or outsource the corporate secretarial function to a specialist firm to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, maintaining corporate records, and facilitating communication between the company’s management, shareholders, and regulatory authorities

What does corporate secretarial service entail in the UAE?

Corporate secretarial service in the UAE involves managing a company’s statutory obligations, maintaining corporate records, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

What are the benefits of outsourcing corporate secretarial services?

Outsourcing corporate secretarial services allows companies to focus on their core business activities while ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Professional corporate secretarial firms bring expertise and efficiency to the table, reducing the burden on internal resources and mitigating the risk of non-compliance.

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