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UAE tax compliance services.

Easily navigate the intricate landscape of UAE taxation with our comprehensive tax compliance services. Our expertise lies in seamless collaboration with revenue authorities to ensure precise and punctual tax filings, ultimately minimising your tax burden.

UAE tax compliance services

Stay on top of your tax compliance and filings in the United Arab Emirates.

On-time flings & returns

We calculate and file your tax returns accurately and on time, making sure you won’t face any penalties or late fees.

Always up to date

Our tax team always stays up to date with the latest tax regulation changes, ensuring your tax compliance.

Strategic tax advisory

We offer strategic advice on optimising your tax bill, decreasing the double taxation risk, tax incentives and more.

Corporate tax

Corporate tax compliance services.

  • VAT registration and filing

    Registering qualified business for VAT and handling monthly filing of VAT returns. We also provide an ongoing support and guidance on tax and VAT regulations.

    One-off, Quarterly

  • Corporate income tax registration

    Registering your business with the relevant tax authorities and obtaining a company tax ID.


  • Annual corporate tax return

    Gathering your documents, optimising deductions, preparing and filing your corporate income tax returns, handling revenue department inquiries and tracking your refund (if applicable).


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Common questions & answers.

Do all UAE companies pay taxes?

It is mandatory for all UAE companies to register for corporate tax with the Federal Tax Authority. While onshore/mainland companies are subject to corporate income tax, free zone companies based in free zones with tax holidays can apply for tax exemptions on their corporate income if they are not conducting business in the UAE mainland and are complying with the regulatory requirements.

Is annual filing tax return mandatory?

Yes, the annual filing of corporate tax returns is mandatory for companies subject to taxation in the United Arab Emirates. Companies must submit accurate tax returns within the specified deadlines, typically following the end of their fiscal year. VAT filings need to be done quarterly with the tax authority

Are there any thresholds for triggering the tax payments?

Yes, there are thresholds for triggering tax payment obligations in the UAE. For example, companies must register for VAT if their taxable supplies and imports exceed AED 375,000 over a 12-month period. Similarly, corporate income tax is applicable to onshore companies if they meet certain profit thresholds set by the tax authorities.

What are the key tax compliance requirements for companies in the UAE?

Companies in the UAE are required to adhere to various tax compliance regulations, including timely filing of tax returns, maintaining accurate financial records, and ensuring compliance with VAT regulations introduced in 2018 and the corporate tax regulations introduced in 2022.

How does the UAE tax system impact businesses operating in free zones?

While companies operating in free zones enjoy certain tax benefits, such as exemptions from corporate and personal income taxes, they are still required to comply with VAT regulations if their turnover exceeds the mandatory registration threshold, currently set at AED 375,000 and corporate tax registration and annual filings with the FTA.

What are the consequences of non-compliance with tax regulations in the UAE?

Non-compliance with tax regulations in the UAE can result in penalties, fines, and potential legal actions. Additionally, companies may face reputational damage and business disruptions if found in violation of tax laws.

How can companies ensure effective tax compliance in the UAE?

To ensure effective tax compliance, companies should establish robust internal controls, engage qualified tax advisors and compliance experts, stay updated on changes in tax laws and regulations, and conduct regular audits to identify and address any potential compliance issues.

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